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Address: Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, Yang Huishan Town
82 North Road, Lu
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R & D Center

Wuxi Jiangnan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Mining Research and Development Center Overview

    Wuxi Jiangnan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Mining Development Research Center is based on open mine Wuxi Jiangnan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. founded the city of science and technology enterprise technology research and development institutions. Centre was established in June 2008 to serve the enterprise for the purpose of the port handling and transportation company engineering machinery and mining equipment, technology updates such as product performance, process improvement and quality upgrading of technical research, according to market demand and customer specific requirements , the company implemented the old technology products to improve and update; and through technology research and development of new products on the market to meet the current requirements of diverse markets.
    The technology research and development center now, the senior professional titles of more than twenty R & D personnel, expertise covering engineering materials, mechanical, electrical and control, corrosion engineering, metal and other fields. Center now has hundreds of square meters of research and development science and technology building and two thousand square meters of R & D experiments and experimental base, along with various experimental samples complete production equipment and testing instruments. Technology research and development center in its own, it is also with the Wuhan University of Technology, Industry and Trade Shanghai hope Dragon Technology, Shanghai Yu Ang Electrical Technology, China Coal Research Institute, Beijing Institute of lifting machinery, China University of Mining and other domestic research institutions , AC, for technical support related to the introduction of relevant scientific and technical personnel, a special reference to the appropriate software and the collection of all types of standards and technical information, as the center of technology research and development results provide strong and effective protection.
    Center since its inception, in strict accordance with ISO9001-2008quality system implementation and management, standardized technology research and development process of each procedure, efforts to implement and practice strict process workflow, from design and development of the planning, design programs to identify, design task implementation of the design input, design output, design review, design verification and other operational aspects, to perform serious preparation, review, approval and issuance system.

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