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Model-TQ Bench Crane



TQ1014 type for the mobile propeller, single boom, luffing rope, pulley block horizontal displacement compensation, hook, grab Bench crane operations.
This machine uses AC frequency control, PLC control, and equipped with intelligent all Chinese "state monitoring control system."
This model is a comprehensive multi-cargo port terminals ideal model species. Appearance, safe and reliable, excellent performance, easy maintenance, durable, can be used in loading and unloading of inland and coastal ports.
Crane Working Class A6
Lifting Capacity 10 t (hook)
Working Range Max.Range m 14 m
Min.Range m 6 m
Lifting Height Above Berthing Face m 9 m
Under Berthing Face 8 m
Lifting Mechanism Luffing Mechanism
Lifting Speed 15 m/min Average Luffing Speed 18 m/min
Motor Model YZR250M2-8 Motor Model YZR225M-8
Working class M6 Working class M6
Power 37KW Power 22KW
Revolving Speed 725 r.p.m Revolving Speed 718 r.p.m
Revolving Speed Travelling Mechanism
Revolving Speed 1.47 r.p.m Travelling Speed 20 m/min
Motor Model YZR225M-8 Motor Model YZR160M1-6
Working class M6 Working class M5
Power 22KW Power 4×5.5KW
Revolving Speed 718 r.p.m Revolving Speed 935 r.p.m
Tail Slewing Radius 5 m
Clearance Height of Gangry 2 m
Tread×Base 6 m×6 m
Max.Wheel Pressure 150KN
Design Wind Speed Working:20 m/s
Non-working:55 m/s
Travelling Distance ±100 m
Installed Capacity of Crane 103 KW
Service Power Supply Three-phase Four-wire 380V,50HZ
Crane Deadweight 72 t
Cable Wire Lifting:6×37-Ø21.5-1670
Note:The above parameters are for reference.We can design and manufacture products according to user’s requirements.