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China's first powerful CNC form grinding wheel pump developed

来源:本站整理 | 点击: | 录入时间:2010/8/28

Recently, China's first successful development of Hangzhou Machine Tool Group MKL7132 × 8 / 9 NC powerful form grinding wheel pump. Strong marks Hangzhou Machine CNC forming grinder products services extended to the pump machinery and instrumentation manufacturing. The powerful pump wheel forming CNC grinding, successful resolution of the domestic Roots vacuum pumps (meters) manufacturing problems.
Roots vacuum pumps at home and abroad in recent years by rapid developments in the refining, petrochemical, electrical and other industries are widely used, mainly for transportation of petroleum and petroleum products and transport all kinds of plant oils and liquids. Roots pump is composed of two 8-shaped rotor and vertical closed shell composed of the rotor during rotation generated at the suction inlet, thereby conveying the material to be inhaled. Roots pump rotor is the core parts, such as the shape of the rotor surface, the more complex curves cylinder, figure 8 in shape processing and inspection of the surface are more difficult because the accuracy of the rotor to the Roots pump operation directly affects the process of meshing gap, which directly reflects the quality of the pump.
8 can be processed because the domestic lack of large arc-shaped surface of the rotor machine, severely restricted the domestic production of Roots vacuum pump. Therefore, natural gas projects in the country had to spend a lot of foreign exchange import Roots vacuum pump and Roots flow meter. At present, some of the Roots pump is generally of higher quality imported 8-shaped rotors are not only expensive but also limited the Roots pump and mass flow meter. 8-shaped outline of the rotor part by the arc and involute, whose contour accuracy and dimensional accuracy are required to 0.01mm or less, difficult process with a milling machine. Quite a few research institutions and 8-shaped rotor machine factory had been a lot of processing, but has no good solution. For such a large arc of the rotor surface, the force is the best form grinding machining method is also used in numerical strength abroad, forming grinder. Therefore, the domestic Roots vacuum pumps and flow meters manufacturing industry urgently requires grinding industry to provide for 8-shaped rotor powerful CNC forming grinder grinding.
May 2010, Hangzhou Machine Tool Group Company under the principle of 8-shaped rotor and the rotor reference to the foreign processing technology, has successfully developed China's first child CNC forming grinder pump rotation. The machine is powerful in shaping the company's CNC grinding machine, based on the increase of forming a dedicated diamond wheel dresser and a dedicated floating support fixture, a good solution to the rotor of the processing problems. Y and Z axis machine configurations Heidenhain grating, two-axis positioning accuracy and repeatability of 0.003mm and 0.005mm or less maintained. Diamond Disc machine can carry out CNC grinding wheel dresser dressing, diamond roller can also be formed directly on the grinding wheel dressing, finishing within the contours of 0.005mm accuracy. Meanwhile, the specially designed a hydraulic clamp, reasonable structure, easy disassembly, in the processing when both sides of the rotor reliable positioning, clamping can flip side to complete the forming process, a good solution to the processing the process of clamping problems. MKL7132 × 8 / 9 CNC grinding impeller forming a strong adaptation aluminum alloy, high temperature alloys and titanium alloys and other hard material grinding mill and can be used for other flat surface and the forming process. MKL7132 × 8 / 9 machine structure is reasonable, there are enough static, dynamic, thermal stiffness, the use of advanced technology to ensure the system has good dynamic quality. Machine in the grinding process, in addition to parts of the loading, unloading and measurement, but are done automatically. To achieve two and two-axis CNC linkage: vertical and horizontal linkage, to achieve a disc with a diamond pen or shape diamond wheel dressing; vertical and vertical linkage, to achieve the convex arc-shaped grinding the big wave. Hsiao Ke wheel dressing change monitoring, cooling the grinding zone will not fully guarantee the workpiece burns, the nozzle adjustment interval of 2mm. Automatic compensation for the amount of wheel dressing. Servo spindle, you can achieve constant linear speed wheel, constant speed and variable speed functions.
At present, forming the first sub-grinder rotary pumps have been put through user acceptance and use of normal production, processing and the precision of our products are in 0.01mm or less, to the user's technical requirements. Processing time is less than one-piece 6min, efficient. As the use of better, the user has ordered one additional larger size of the machine. MKL7132 × 8 / 9 CNC grinder pump wheel successful development of a strong shape for the Roots of the Roots pump and provides a reliable instrument of production equipment protection, with good economic and social benefits.