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Results demonstrate the development of cable crane

来源:本站整理 | 点击: | 录入时间:2010/8/19

Recently, the Department of International Cooperation, Science & Technology of the "fifth" major national technology and equipment development program "Development of cable cranes" stage of technology into special
If the argument for review. Composed of 10 experts from the Expert Committee reviewed the project design and were questioned. After careful discussion, the expert members
Council passed the stage of technological achievements of the demonstration project.
"Development of cable crane" is the "fifth" major national technology and equipment during the research project (scientific and technological research) program is an important topic, is to
Large cable machine to improve our design and manufacturing technology to address the large and medium water conservancy and hydropower project of 30 tons a large demand for large cable machine and a large South
Type of complete sets of equipment needs. Focus on the topic in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, 30 tons winch on the basis of solving the localization of the key technologies
30 tons of machine-made cable to the performance reach the international advanced level.
The topic hosted by the Ministry of Water Resources, and rivers bear the Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hengli Heavy Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Huayuan are) as
To participate in the project unit is responsible for the major thematic device development work.
Review by experts concluded that:
Special commitment to the construction unit of the cable crane Water depth study, submitted designs meet overall program and related information technology stage
Results of demonstration and review requirements;
A unit according to the contract, in research related to hydropower projects, based on the cable machine in accordance with the construction of hydropower project requirements, determine the design
Principle, so that the cable unit's research program has strong applicability;
A unit's cable special machine design, and the gathering of foreign advanced technology and experience, reflecting the reliability, advanced and economy, it is feasible
Special commitment to the requirements of the contract units completed the following work: The project's overall design, the fixed bearing open-style development of the horse, pulling the friction drum
Friction liner material selection, structural optimization design, high power DC drive, speed technology research, control systems and fault self-detection system and
Stage of the project reached the international advanced level of research that required the construction of the current large and medium hydropower cable machine with 30 tons of domestic self-
Design, production conditions.
Experts believe that the development of the topic in the summary of the cable crane cable crane made the experience of 20 tons on the basis of fully absorbing the essence of foreign cable machine, in particular,
German cable machine design, and strive in a large cable machine design, manufacturing, general close to the international level, some of the technical indicators have reached or exceeded international
Level, to meet the domestic large-scale water conservancy and hydropower project construction.