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Efficiency of economic development will be discounted too fast

来源:本站整理 | 点击: | 录入时间:2010/8/19

3 days, United Nations Under-Secretary-General Maurice. Strong at the World Engineers Conference, said the rapid economic development, efficiency will be compromised, China should focus on improving energy use, material use, resource use, renewable resources use efficiency.

He is also a special adviser to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, has served as North America's largest power company, Ontario Hydro chief executive officer. He said: "Three Gorges Project and the implementation phase in the implementation of environmental protection and sustainable development in mind, it should be able to become a world model for sustainable development projects." Major projects with particular attention to sustainable development.
He said the Three Gorges hydropower project is by far the largest project of human development, one of China's leaders have realized that major projects should be established on the basis of sustainable development, the Three Gorges Project should be a world example of sustainable development projects, but is not easy.
He said that the Three Gorges Project finished soon, and now have to do is complete the commitment to conform to the requirements of sustainable development. He said there are many in order to meet energy needs and economic development of major projects, not only to consider the economic, social and environmental benefits should also be considered, if not coordinated development, could backfire. Now China has a lot of leaders have engineering background, can use their professional knowledge to decide a number of major projects.