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India's demand for construction machinery to me

来源:本站整理 | 点击: | 录入时间:2010/8/19

Recently, the China International Trade Promotion Committee organized 62 Chinese trade delegation to visit India to attend the "China - India Business Council" and to visit some companies in India. Which by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association sent a Deputy Secretary-General to participate in the construction machinery market in India and inspected.

The business activities of two major cities in New Delhi and Calcutta, were held to introduce the two countries trade with each other, to exchange their superior products, accelerate the bilateral cooperation.
Meanwhile, their counterparts for the same field to discuss, promote mutual investment and cooperation.
At present, India's economic development has entered a phase of rapid development in recent years, India has been substantial growth in demand for construction machinery, the estimated annual growth of about 20-30% in 2002 to 1.8 billion. Demand for commodity concrete machinery more prominent, the current commodity concrete machinery in India less than 1%, there is a big potential market.
Road construction machinery, lifting machinery, elevators, material handling conveyor equipment, also have very good sales market. China's exports to India in 2001 $ 4,431,000 of construction machinery in 2002 rose to $ 7,848,000, an increase of more than 77.1%. It is reported that this year, the demand for construction machinery in India will significantly increase in the next five years, growth will be more powerful, China's construction machinery industry the best time to open up the Indian market.